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Pressure on my bladder

Three weeks ago I had sex and there was a little blood left on the condom. I've been sleeping with the same person on and off since October and he's well endowed so I didn't think much of it. I got tested before him, everything came back negative. We use condoms everytime, except it broke once and his *** went into me. That was about a month and a half before the blood appeared. We then didn't have sex for another two weeks after that and it was on my period, so I'm not sure if there was more blood from it, however there was a lot of brown blood which was odd since I was about 4 days in. We had sex the day before and the last morning of my period. That night, I felt the urge to pee and a lot of burning but sadly it was a Saturday and my doctor wasn't going to be in til Monday. I took the azo maximum relief and it helped a ton and I drank excessive amounts of water until my doctors appt on Monday afternoon. I went in and she did the dip test and it came back negative but she said since I was drinking so much water (about 150 oz a day) that it might effect it and sent it out to the lab. Wednesday rolls around and my symptoms were getting worse and she called to let me know it all came back negative. Finally that night I went into the ER because even the azo wasn't working anymore but all my symptoms went away besides the pressure on my bladder which seemed to have worsened.  (No burning when I went or anything) They took a urine sample but even though I drank a TON of water, I could BARELY go. I got it just up to the first line and it was bright orange from the azo so I thought, great, they're not going to figure anything out. Not only that, the doctor was totally uninterested and a total jerk. He came back in and said they found a "little" bacteria in my urine but it could be "normal" but he would still prescribe me an antibiotic for it anyways. 1. When is it ever normal to find bacteria in urine and 2. Why would these symptoms suddenly start if nothing was going on? Well anyways, he gave me  Macrobid 100mg capsules to take twice daily for seven days. I started Wednesday night and today will be my fourth night taking them. I feel slight relief for a few hours and in certain positions and then the urge to pee comes back again without being able to go? It actually feels less like I have to pee when I have a FULL bladder. Not only do I feel this constant urge to pee, but I feel like my bladder muscle isn't working to its full potential because no matter how much liquid I drink, my flow is very light and normally, it's pretty strong. I'm a 20 year old female, and I've never had a problem like this before. Is this common with a UTI? I'm still drinking lots of water, and nothing besides it. I'm taking the cranberry supplements as well. Can a UTI or STD cause a week flow and make it impossible for me to empty my bladder? Could this be something else? I've always peed a ton, even when I don't drink hardly anything.

Another thing, when I started my period, I had REALLY bad lower back pain that went away after a few days and the symptoms started the day my period ended. Also, today (8 days since my symptoms began) I had cramping in my pelvic area and almost a burning pain under my left lower rib cage.

I am trying to get into my moms urologist next week, but he is very busy.
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