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Problem with urinating after surgery

Three  weeks  ago my GYN doctor  preformed   a hysterectomy  while  he fixed my    prolapsed   uterine  wall  (I  can't remember the name of  procedure   for   it  right now).  Before he  has done  the  surgery,  he  had me  going to a  urologist   to  see  if  I needed  a  sling  for my  bladder.  I   never had much of incontinence,  but  just   occasional   "sneezing  leak".   Urologist  said  I needed  a  sling.  The  Gynecological  part of    my surgery went   extremely well,   I  feel  strong, and  have no  previous  problem of   feeling   heavy as  before. I also had   virtually no  bleeding,  and  doctor  said  It was a  compleetly succesful operation.  But  I  am  having  problem   with  urinating  right now,  specially  when I get up in the night. I have to  walk around  few  minutes  in order to    be able  to  urinate,  and  even then it  comes  in waves of   few  trickles.  My  urinating  is  painful. I  have also noticed that  my  right  side of  abdomen   is  bigger  is  raised up, comparing  to the left side,  and  it's hard.   And  in the lower  abdomen, on  right  side,  there  is   constant  tension,  especially  when  I  sit  down,   or  want  to bend over  even  a  little.  I am  afraid that my  problem  will not go away, and  that  I traded   one   problem  for  another.  My  GYN doctor   said  about  10 days  ago  that  things  will  improve   in time.  But  I am not  so sure. If I     had  assurance   that    they will,  fine,  but   I  suspect  that   things  are  not    looking the way    they    should.  I  don't understand  wht  is happening, and my  urologist  is has not  explained anything to me.  What  are  my options?

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