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Problem after sex..

Hi, I had sex with this guy, 2 days ago, and I started bleeding during.
It wasn't sore at the time, but was uncomfortable that evening.
I am continuing to bleed, but only extremely lightly, like spotting every now and then.
However today, I woke up and when I urinated it was extremely sore and I only urinated droplets.
It is still extremely sore to urinate, and I have a constant feeling that I need to do so, and when I do it's only droplets.

I have had sex before, but have never noticeably broken my hymen, I was wondering if perhaps it was my hymen?

Also is it possible that this is a urinary infection as I also have a really tender feeling around my stomach almost bloated.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you.  
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yes it sounds more like you have a urine infection. get to your doctor asap as you will need an antibiotic
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The openings of urethra and vagina are different and if you are having blood in urine then it can be due to UTI. In females it can be due to UTI. Presence of visible blood clots in urine is called gross hematuria or macroscopic hematuria. This signifies any underlying medical conditions which needs investigations to confirm. Most often it is related to urinary tract problems like kidney stones, inflammation of urinary tract, renal vein thrombosis, certain kidney tumors and polycystic kidney disease, blood coagulation disorders and anticoagulants.

I hope it helps. Take care and regards.

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