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Problem with the clitoris

Hello, I'm 18 years old.I lost sensation in my clitoris.I noticed that the skin of the labia majora has become very thin.My libido is very low for 3 years.I am still a virgin because of this.I had blood tests and ultrasound.The test results are normal.
Could it be vaginal atrophy?
What kind of tests should I do?
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Are you on any medication? Have any medical problems?

Birth control pills, antidepressants, and other medications can decrease the libido, and birth control pills can thin the skin in the genitals.

Does your doctor think the skin is thin, or is that something you think? Have they actually examined you?

Thinning vaginal tissues can cause other symptoms - do you have itching, burning, pain, bleeding? You don't mention them, so I'd wonder if it's not atrophy.

Libido changes a lot through life -Annie's right when she says it can be situational. Stress, life changes, illness, fatigue, etc., all play a role.

Clitoral sensation can change along with it, along with however you are trying to stimulate it. Maybe you just need to take a little break and change things up some. If you are using a toy, try your fingers.

You are young and have a whole lifetime of enjoying your sexuality. It's okay to still be a virgin. I certainly don't mean to sound condescending, but don't rush that just to say you've aren't anymore. It doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you. Everyone has a different path.
I don't take any medications and I don't have any medical problems.
I recently had an x-ray of my thyroid and it was only found to be too small.
I also don't have bladder pressure. I've noticed my labia thinner since the onset of symptoms.I have vaginal dryness, frequent and sometimes bleeding.
I missed it, did you say a doctor looked at the skin of your labia and did or didn't say that from a medical perspective, it did look thin? And what has he or she said about the vaginal dryness?
(Also, what did the doctor say about your thyroid?)
I didn't ask the gynecologist about it.
The doctor said that it's nothing wrong that the thyroid is too small. Even though the doctor downplayed it, I think that my thyroid may be the cause of my problems.
Well, if your free T3 and T4 tests showed normal, it's kind of hard to understand what is meant by "too small." For that, please do write in to the thyroid community. I've never heard that a "too small" thyroid that produces normal levels of thyroid hormones can make the skin of the vagina thin, but maybe the thyroid community can at least help you unravel the question of that the doc meant when he said it was "too small" but that there is nothing wrong.
of *what* the doc meant
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I have this exact issue. Did you ever get any answers?
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The skin of the labia minora being 'thin' is pretty normal. It's some of the thinnest skin there is on the body. Are you comparing it to how it used to be before you had periods? Has a doctor looked at it and said it is thinner than other women's skin?
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I noticed that the skin on the labia majora has become much thinner since the clitoral problem (when I was 16) so that's not normal but that's not the biggest problem now.
The main problem is loss of clitoral sensation and very low libido.
Is there any medicine that could help me?
Not until you get a diagnosis. Besides, loss of libido is something that can be situational, not medical. If you haven't been around anyone you find exciting, the libido stays calm.
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What kind of blood tests did you have?
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I had blood tests for estrogen, testosterone and thyroid hormones.
You might check in at the Thyroid community to list the thyroid tests you had. They make a big deal about the fact that you need to test more than an average screen gives, there's something called "free" T3 and T4 that are often not tested.

But in any case, I assume you are saying your estrogen test was normal? What about progesterone levels?
Estrogen and progesterone levels are normal.T3 and T4 tests are also normal.
Doctors doesn't know the cause of these symptoms.It worries me.
Maybe there is some medicine that could help me?
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