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Progesterone Panic, Please help!!

Okay ladies, long story short!

Last month I did the whole "ovulation tracker" and "blood work" with my RE.  My progesterone was only 9.1 when they tested me. Not sure what day that was on but they put me on progesterone vaginally but it's a gel cap.  So I did that and my progesterone was 16. something other a week later.  So I told him I was going to " try on my own" for 2 months and said it was up to me if I wanted to use the progesterone. I THOUGHT I had to come back again next month if I used it on my own and get more blood work so I decided not to use it. I live 2 hrs away and that's alot of running back and forth. :(  I KNOW I should and it's worth it but GAH!  SO this past cycle I actually went to 16 dpo!  I THOUGHT it was my month. My temps were way up and I felt GREAT!  No signs of AF at all, just the light twinges here and there, some heartburn. On and off nausea. I really was thinking it was MY TIME. Then out of no where the next morning I was bleeding like crazy. I am usually light the first day and heavy for 2 days ON TOP OF having really painful periods. I'm usually hurting at least a week before and in bed 3 days before AF shows because of pain. I had NONE of this!  Someone told me I might have been trying to implant and it didn't happen. NOW I'm worried if I might have caused this by not using my progesterone???  

My question is...IF I started back using it again this month(which I plan to) can I take it orally?  It IS a gel cap but they told me to use it vaginally.  Sorry for keep on complaining but vaginally is SOO messy. IF I can take it orally that would be sooo much easier!   AND if I can take it orally, when would I take it?  They put me on it last time 2 days after ovulation so would taking it orally be any different?   Thanks so much for the help in advance!   I made an appointment with my gyno up here and I can only see her on the 18th of this month
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