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Prolonged Abnormal bleeding and severe cramps

Hi I wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience and if so what was it.
First a little about me. I'm 46, married and have 2 children of 19 and 23 (boy and girl).  
I have always been quite regular usually a 27 day cycle and period lasting 5 or 6 days. I was 10 days late and took 2 pregnancy tests from supermarket. A week later bought a more well known branded test. All 3 were negative. I came on later on the same day as the last test. It lasted my normal 5 days but was quite a bit lighter than usual and consisted of what look like old blood. Two days after I finished I came back on again. I put this down to my age. Again initially was light and looked like old blood. On day 11 I woke up just before midnight to a severe cramp my period had changed earlier on in the day to what was more like a normal period for me. I liken the pain to period pains on steroids or labour contractions that didn't ease up. I contacted out of hours GP who felt around my tummy and did another pregnancy test which again was negative. He gave me pain Medes and said may be a one off and could be my norm from now on. The pain lasted until about 5:30 am. 2 days later it happened again but wasn't as intense and lasted maximum 2 hours. Then on day 16 it came back on at 7pm and lasted until after 3:30 the following morning. Booked an on the day GP appointment for the afternoon and at lunchtime passed a very large clot down the toilet.  GP did another pregnancy test which came back negative and an internal exam. She seemed to think I have had a miscarriage but requested a scan which I have on Wednesday. I am now on day 34 of this second period and if you want to discount the two days period free in between then I am on day 42. Period is relatively heavy being like a second day of my normal period. It as been nearly 2 weeks since I saw GP with no more pains just the odd niggle.
Anyone had anything similar?
Thanks in anticipation
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