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Prolonged Heavy Bleeding, Large Clotting, and Severe Cramping?

This is going to be very detailed, so I apologize in advance!

About 11 days ago, I started what I thought was a period.
I am on the Depo Provera shot for birth control, and for the majority of my time on the shot (appx 1.5 years) I didn't have any major bleeding.
In March, I had extremely heavy (heavier than a normal period) bleeding, with large clots (some the size of the palm of my hand). I called my OBGYN, and they said "this is normal. It's break through bleeding. We'll just move your shot up to 10 weeks instead of 12."
Well, about 5-6 weeks later, I started this same type of bleeding, but much worse. Soaking overnight pads in 45 mins. I again called my OB, and they told me to come in. They did an exam and ultrasound, and said my endometrial lining was extremely thickened and that I had a polyp in my endometrium. They scheduled a surgery for June 8, a D&C and Polypectymy.

The bleeding started May 10, and it is now May 21, still bleeding severely, and passing huge and long clots. I think there is more wrong than just a polyp, because they said it should not be causing this bad of an issue.
I have always had heavy periods, and other issues, but this is different.

Other symptoms that I have had for a long time:
Severe cramping, some times doubled over in pain or unable to stand. Sometimes reminds me of a runner cramp, or what you get when you exercise too hard.
Cramping when not on my period.
EXTREME Cramping when I have to make a bowel movement, so bad it almost makes you not want to go, but that's the only way to stop the cramping.
Very painful intercourse since I started having sex.
Bleeding after sex.
Lower back pain.
And lower abdominal pressure.

Please help me. I am very concerned about my health, and it seems like my doctors just don't care, and brush off everything I say like it's normal, but it is not.

What can this be? What can I do? And if I were to go to the hospital, realistically, what would they even do for me?

Thank you so much.
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I'm sorry to hear about your suffering, and that your doctor isn't responsive (I've experienced both the SEVERE pain, and the unresponsive healthcare providers, too).

It sounds like this could be endometriosis: http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/endometriosis/symptoms-causes/dxc-20236425

Other conditions you may want to investigate are adenomyosis and uterine fibroids:


Essentially, with endometriosis, your uterine lining starts growing outside your uterus, which causes the chronic pain. The pain during bowel movements can be caused when these growths spread to your bowel.

In my experience, there's not much that is done for these symptoms other than offer stronger and stronger pain meds (which do not work for this severe pain and/or are not conducive to most women's lifestyles!) or different birth control options to MASK the symptoms. It can be difficult to get a real diagnosis.

Actual treatment for endometriosis often consists of laparoscopic surgery to remove the growths, however, they can grow back over time. Unfortunately, for some conditions, like adenomyosis, there are no known conventional treatments. However, some women report supplements and natural treatments to be helpful.

While Depo is commonly used as a treatment for endometriosis in conventional medicine, more is being learned about how the strong synthetic hormone in Depo could contribute to inflammation, which is emerging as a possible aggravating factor for endometriosis and related conditions. Hormone imbalances can also aggravate conditions, and on birth control, your natural hormones are completely suppressed.

While a healthcare provider might suggest you couldn't develop a condition like endometriosis while on Depo, you know your body best, and a condition could have been developing for years before you experienced symptoms. Stay strong in finding answers to your questions even if your case is outside the norm, or your doctor isn't familiar with these conditions.

For more information, I recommend the book "Period Repair Manual" by Lara Briden which discusses some of these conditions, symptoms, and alternative treatments.
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