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Pubic bone through vagina?

Girls, I'm sorry for the weird question, but when I touch the entrance of my vagina, I clearly feel a bone in the front. It's not a muscle or something, it's a bone and I can kinda put my finger over it. Is it normal? There is a pubic bone, but I'm not sure it's supposed to finish at the vagina entrance. I suffer from severe health anxiety and I don't know if I'm having a real problem here or it's my hypochondria. Thank you all for your help!
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Sounds normal to me; look up one of the many charts or diagrams of female pelvic anatomy or pelvic bones and you'll see.
Thank you for your answer! I've been looking, but it seems to me that it should finish around clitoris or such. Maybe I didn't understand correctly. Thank you!
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Hi there.  Yes, I agree.  I think that is supposed to be there. :>)  I have it too and that is normal.  no worries.  What do you do for your anxiety, sweetie?  
Thank you very much! I've never paid any attention to it until I started feeling like... How to describe... Like a step there, when I'm having intimacy with my husband, when he just enters, like this bone was stopping him a bit.
Honestly, I'm trying to be reasonable and use cognitive behavioral method (like... Bone is not something that can appear or move, so probably it's been there for all my life and I've just never noticed or paid attention), but my anxiety is difficult to stop, so I'm starting seeking reassurance (like now), browsing the net or going to doctors. Usually I can more or less control it, but if it's about health or during general stress, something it runs wild, compulsive and lead to checking again and again
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