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Pus discharge from one nipple - should I be worried?

Here's a breakdown of everything that's currently happened/happening:
1) Three days ago, my husband and I had rough foreplay that involved pulling on my nipples quite hard (something we was trying for the first time together).
2) Yesterday, I noticed that my left nipple was erect, and if I pressed down on the nipple there would be mild pain. When I squeezed it, white pus came out. After squeezing it some more (read: I panicked and was squeezing my nipple quite a bit), some blood was discharged and I stopped prodding my nipple.
3) Today, my nipple is still erect, isn't painful when I press down on it, but does get irritated by my bra. I squeezed the nipple and white pus came out again, but significantly less than yesterday. There is also now a blood blister of sorts on the side of my nipple. I covered my nipple with antibacterial ointment and a band aid to alleviate the irritation.
4) I've had flaky, cracked nipples for most of my life, and was diagnosed with eczema at around six years old.
5) I've also had HSV-1 since I was a child.
5) There has been no itchiness, lumps, changes to the rest of my breast and areola, redness, burning, or puckering of the skin.
6) I'm not pregnant, never have been pregnant, and never plan on becoming pregnant.
7) I've had no discharge from the areola, only the nipple tip.
8) I have Graves' Disease (aka hyperthyroidism).

Should I be concerned with this discharge and/or when should I seek medical treatment? Thanks in advance!
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