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Question about Abdominal pains when NOT menstruating

first off, I'm a guy with a question.  when I met my EX-girlfriend, she was on birth control.  after dating for awhile, we decided to try and get pregnant.  she cycled off the birth control and started to experience abdominal pains.  the pain would come and go but was always there a little, but when she was on her period there was ZERO pain.  after months of going through this and her not getting pregnant, she thought that there was a problem with me (for her not getting pregnant) she was frustrated so we ended up breaking up.  I guess she's had more consistant pains these days which is WAY more severe (but again, not when she's on her period) so she went in for a sonogram.  does anyone know or have any suggestions on what could cause this?
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I have actually been experiencing the same thing for the past two years!  Everyone thinks I am crazy.  I experience heavy cramping AFTER my period ends.  The doctors have been baffled.  I am seeing a specialist right now who is going to run tests for interstitial cystitis.  He also thinks I have vulvar vestibulitis.  Another doctor I went to, upon looking at my cervix, said something is causing me to have cervicitis.  I don't have definitive answers yet, but as soon as I know more, I'll be sure to post.  I'd hate to see your friend go through what I have for 2 plus years.  Maybe the sonogram will tell her something too.
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I went through that as well, i had endo,severe cervicitis, and stage 1 cervical, uterine, and ovarian cancer. I dealt with the pain for yrs, no one ever had a straight answer until pathology report after my hyster came back. She needs to see a dr ASAP
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Now you have me worried!  I had a laparoscopy done a little over a year ago.  It showed nothing abnormal.  I also have had many ultrasounds, showing nothing.  Can you describe more of the symptoms that you had?  Did you have the hysterectomy because of the chronic pain and they couldn't find anything?
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