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Racing heart, Perimenopause?

TO any Dr. with knowledge of perimenopause;
I am a 45 year old perimenopausal woman. I have had mood swings, tiredness, lightheadedness, dizzyness in the past several year, excessive hair growth chin lip etc. Hate it, hate who I have become. I recently noticed very dry skin all over my body. This has never happened I bath myself in lotion after each shower daily. The last 2 months I noticed my feet, legs arms and tummy look dry. Its miserable. Two night ago I woke to a strong pounding heart (really scarey) it must have lasted 10 minutes when I tried to raise up I was very lightheaded, so I layed there with my dear husband trying to comfort me. I was so scared. I was getting ready to call 911 the top of my head was burning my chest was burning. My husband stayed with me comforted me and within 10 minutes it was gone. But, this first episode of a racing heart felt like 120-180 bpm has left me terrified to go anywhere. Keep in mind I am very active, my husband and I work out daily I am on the treadmill 3 miles daily skipping once in a while I run 1 1/2 miles at 5.2 mph then walk the last 1 1/2 miles at 4.2-4.5. Again this is the first time this has happened. Is this hormonal or does it sound like I need a heart dr.? Could this be perimenopause or Thyroid. I have never had a problem ever before. I am pretty athletic. This put a halt in my running. Today while shopping I was leaning down and I felt really weird like my air left me and left the store, I hate what this is doing to me any Dr. input would be a blessing. What blood tests do I need to show if this is due to peri or thyroid?
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this is not a doctor forum,,some kind people some with medical backgrounds some not,,,I have some.....your post is screaming thyroid to me...lots of the symptoms..Also is there anything causing you extra stress as of late, many of your symptoms are associated with panic attacks,,,the thyroid and ovarian function levels can be checked easy by a simple series of blood tests,,,be sure to insist on a FULL panel thyroid screen....if you are feeling anxiety I would suggest talking with your doctor there is much help to be had for this and it is very common.Any time you have any heart symptom it should not be taken lightly you will need to tell your doctor about the pounding heart and dizziness,  Good Luck Cherie
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After a full blood panel the Dr. suggested it is due to Low Progesterone, which he indicated is very common with Rapid Heart Beat, My Thyroid is good. Here are my numbers on day 14 along with the reference used at this particular lab;
TSH 1.553     Units uUI/mL  Refe 0.450-4.500
Triiodothyronine,Free,Serum  3.4   Units  pg/mL    Ref 2.3-4.2
T4,Free(Direct) 1.28     Units ng/dL  Ref 0.61-1.76
Estradiol 131  Units pg/ml   Ref 19-528

Testosterone 0.7   Units pg/ml   Ref  0.0-2.2
Progesterone  0.7 Units  ng/ml   Shows no reference but dr said VERY LOW
Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) Ab  Result <10  Units IU/mL  Ref 0-34  Dr. said VERY GOOD This is what Dr was worried about but was quite happy with the results. Bottom line Dr said I am definitely perimenopausal as I Still have a period every 32-34 days. I was also having mid cycle spotting which I find is due to Low Progesterone. This is why most women experience a termination of pregnancy you need good Progesterone levels to  carry to term. I have read so much on Low Progesterone and all of my symptoms are very common. Most Doctors have told there patients there blood panel is normal for there age, what I find is you need to find a doctor whom is educated in Bioidentical Hormones. That is what I did. I have been to so many doctors since first starting to mid cycle spot they just brushed me off.
Thank God I now can rest assure I am healthy this is very normal. Especially at the beginning of Menopause.

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