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Rapid Weight Gain! Help!

I am 24, have been on birth control for a year, exercise regularly (and vigorously) and I have gone from weighing 150 to 163 in like a month!  I have no idea why, I try to watch what I eat, and I drink lots of water.   I am pretty sure I'm not pregnant, I'm on the pill and had my last period about 2 weeks ago....  I don't understand why I am gaining so much weight so FAST.  I don't have any pain or stomach problems.  But the weight gain is definitely noticeable and really creating a problem with my self esteem and the way I feel about myself.  I have noticed my stomach does seem to be pooching out a little bit more but it mostly just seems like fat.  I am really distressed about this and honestly don't know what to do.  Any ideas?  Thanks!
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try to check with your doctor if its water retantion .. it means that your body is storing water .... if its this that you have you have you have to do to a nutretioniest for a test to see what type of food you should eat and maybe it tells you to stop drinkin to much water and take some green teas

hope it helped you

from stephanie
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Have you been eating saltier foods or increased amounts of diet sodas..Just a thought that you are retaining water.  I drink about 2 liters of green tea daily and lost about ten pounds just by drinking the tea and stopping the diet sodas. Green tea has proven to help with weight loss and good for the immune system.  Do not use sugar though.  By itself is healthiest, or if u can't hack that, try non calorie sweetner.  Also increase your fiber intake.  You will be amazed at how much can be lost by eating whole food choices instead of overly processed carbs. Good luck n hope it helps!
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