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Rash on breast.

I have a really strange rash on just my left breast. I went to the gyno after the rash was there for three weeks...and now it is has been three weeks since I saw her and it is still there. She looked at it quickly and just brushed it off as a skin irratation rash. I got tested for everything but HIV and that all came back as negative. Anyways, the bumpy rash is like littlish mountians (like ski mogels) coming off the upperand right side of my breast with only one little mogel on my nipple. I am worried because it has been there for six weeks. And sometimes I get a dull aching feeling at the top of my breast... I am not sure if it is muscles or what...I am only 22 months...I had an abortion 6 months ago I would have been giving birth in a month...could this have anything to do with it?? Is it normal to have a skin rash for 6 weeks??
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it could be shingles i had it about 8 years ago go to a clinic and have it looked at if it is they give you a cream to put on it
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Shingles is a good hypothesis, but they are not blistery at all and have been there for 6 weeks, they are just like spots (that sometimes are risen) that almost disappear and then come back than almost disappear and then come back...sometimes they are more red and then the color dulls...I more sounds weird. ;/
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i dont mean to scare you, but you need to get it checked out IMMEDIATLY!!! i just read an e mail from a lady who had a rash on her breast that would not go away, the doctors brushed it off, and then she learned eventually that it was a rare form of breast cancer. go to the doctor and tell them this. im sure it is nothing, but better safe then sorry. good luck
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I had a similar problem a few years ago, my left breast had a flat type rash on it & was swollen & hot to the touch.  It would have a lump that would come & go, also.  Was feared to be Inflammatory Brest Cancer, was seen by PCP, Gyno, Breast Surgeon and finally a Breast Specialist.  Was treated for Mastitis with heavy antibiotics for months.  At one time the lump surfaced close to the nipple, & the PCP lanced it.  It still hurt and the rash & swelling remained.  The specialist performed a sonogram & found a small lump near the nipple, & decided the lump needed to be removed & biopsed, so we scheduled it.  Between the two weeks from that appointment & the scheduled surgery, the lump dissappeared as did the swelling & rash, I returned to her office for another sonogram, as we were convinced it had just moved again, well to both our amazement, it WAS gone!!  She inquired what I had been doing & my only answer was prayer & annointing.  --Amen
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