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Reactive Follicular Lymphoid Hyperplasia or Missed Diagnosis?

Hi, I am an active 39yr old female with MS and Asthma. For the past 6 months I have been having shortness of breath, itching,
nightsweats, a low grade fever daily ranging from 97 to 100, fatigue, swollen lymph nodes and a resent MRI shows 3nodules in
my thyroid. A CBC showed that my RBC are low but I have a normal hemoglobin. A resent Lymph node biopsy of the neck showed that I have (Reactive Follicular Lymphoid Hyperplasia) with no malignancy. It also shows that my CD4 and CD8 T cell ratio on the flow cytometry is elevated. Also the lymph node was 0.9 x 0.7 x 0.5 cm in size. The surgeon stated that it was "maybe"  a reaction from a surgery I had in May and that "maybe" all my symptons would go away in a couple of months. The only problem with that is I had the swollen lymph nodes in Jan, or Feb and that is I few months before May. The surgery in May was due to an auto accident where I had had a fusion in the C4 thru C7 region In Oct of 2003. I know that several of my symptons could be due to my current illnesses but I am still concerned about the symptons I can't explain away. I also had a Thyroid Function test that came back normal. My mother had breast cancer, a sister had a brain tumor, my dad has prostate and colon cancer and there is a history of thyroid problems in my family, example: mother had a goiter and my sister has problems that hasn't been diagnosed. I hope I explaned everything well and I also thank you for taking time to respond. Sincerely, Sue
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The trouble is that this (Womens forum) is a patient to patient forum--there are no associated physicians with this forum.  You can try the Family Practice forum, where for a small fee, a physician will try to answer your question.

He can make suggestions, but obviously can't render a diagnosis.  

Good luck with everything.
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