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Reccuring fever, 20yo

I am having reccuring fever every 15-25 days, that lasts about 3-5 days and is around 102-103.

The first time, I thought it came up was because I was really tired due to a lot of training so I cut down the hours. In about 3-4 days I was better. I was just really tired and achy also had headache and pain above my eyes with a mild soar throat, also muscle pain which I thought was due to the training. Next time, about 20-25 days later I got the fever again. It lasted 5 days along with coughing, extreme soar throat, headache, pain above eyes, and later couching up mucus and throat pain and muscle pain. I figured I maybe caught a virus from someone, and decided to not even go out of the house until I feel 100% ok. So I almost quit training, until my muscles feel usable. Yesterday I started feeling drowsy and tired, by 6 PM I already wanted to call it a day. During the night my head was in pain, due to the pain above my eyes I couldn't open my eyes fully with ease with eyelids are mildly swollen and the night went by in twisting and turning whenever I felt too hot and sweating or too cold and freezing.  Today all of those symptoms persist along with a feeling of weakness, also my legs are achy along with back and neck. I don't have much of an appetite (I am hungry but everything looks and tastes weird), but I am trying to drink a lot of water to keep hydrated. I don't have a sore throat. This is day 2 of the third round of fever, the first was in the last week of May, the second around the middle of June.

I am starting to feel a bit worried and I am hoping someone knows what could be causing this.
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