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Rectal Bleeding

I am periodically noticing some rectal bleeding after i have a bm. I haven't noticed any bleeding directly in the stool, just on the toilet paper after I wipe. Also, if I hold the tissue on my anus it does absorb some blood. Like my name states, I know I need to see a Dr., but until then, does anyone have any information on possible causes for this??

Just a few statistics:

I am an overweight 31 yr old Caucasian female
Mother of 3, all vaginal births.
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Hemorrhoids are most likely the cause of the rectal bleeding. You can have external hemorrhoids or internal ones. Bright red blood is suggestive of hemorrhoids and dark red blood suggests colon polyps, cancer, peptic ulcers, etc. I would suggest that you eat more fiber or take a fiber supplement, try some light exercise (we, as ladies are more susceptible to hemorrhoids because of constipation, pregnancy, obesity)
I don't believe it is an emergency as of right now to consult a physician, however, if you have tried increasing your fiber intake, exercising, drinking more water, etc. then I would suggest consulting a gastroenterologist.

Good luck dear
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Thank you for your help and insight :)
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What causes rectal bleeding?
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