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Rectocele Repair HELP

I had a rectocele repair done almost three weeks ago. With that they did a D&C and cervical cauterization. I had spotting and some heavy, clear fluid discharge for two weeks. The bleeding tapered off and went away. Now, I have horrible cramps and heavy, bright red bleeding. It isn't soaking more than a pad an hour, but it is definitely very heavy. I thought maybe it was my period, but that isn't due for another week and a half and this has been going on for a week now. Could there be something wrong, or is this normal? And when I walk around it feels like there is a lot of posterior pressure and pressure in my vagina. Is this normal? I thought this surgery was supposed to make that feeling and discomfort go away- not make it worse!? I spoke to my doctor who assured me that during surgery everything went beautifully and he said that the outcome looked great so he wasn't concerned- but I am.

Also, when I sit and move around it feels like there is a lot of tugging in my vagina and I am terrified that something is going to rip. Wiping after using the restroom still hurts terribly if I accidentally tug on the skin down there at all. How long does it take for this feeling to go away, and to be able to sit again without discomfort?

Beyond this- is it REALLY necessary not to lift anything over 10 pounds for the whole six week recovery? I have two toddlers. One is 29lbs and the other is 36lbs. I have been avoiding picking them up but my husband had to go back to work, and despite me avoiding picking them up I've ran into some situations like them getting stuck on the tire swing, or tripping and needing me to scoop them up. I feel fine picking them up. Is it really going to hurt my recovery from picking up my children? I don't have to strain to pick them up. I surely don't want to go through this again, though, so I figured I would ask.

Thank you
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