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Rectocele and Enterocele Repair

I had surgery to repair a very large rectocele, a small enterocele, and a vaginal tear about 5 days ago.  After my surgery, I initially had problems urinating and stayed in the hospital overnight.   I have since been able to urinate, but I am having a great deal of difficulty passing bowel.   I contacted my doctor's office the third day after my surgery and was told to take dulcolax (over the counter) laxitive.   I took the laxative and nothing happened.   I tried stool softner and a laxative tea the next day.  It did not work either.  I contacted my doctor's office today and was told to take Fleet phoso soda.   I took this and nothing happened.   I then tried a Fleet enema, which in the past has given me immediate relief.  The urge to ejaculate is suppose to be very strong, but I noticed that I didn't have the strong urge.  I sat on the toilet and a little bit of the saline solution came back out.  I then began to strain and two very large round pieces of stool came out.   A little more came out, but I knew there was more in there that needed to come out.  I injected the remaining saline solution in my rectum and I felt the urge to pass my stool, but nothing  has happened.

I am bleeding a little more from my vagina since my bowel movement.   Is this normal?   I am concerned that my rectum is not functioning properly.  I have been maintaining a high fiber diet since my surgery.   The medication that I am on for pain, warns that it may cause constipation.   I only take it once a day now.

Thank you,
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Surgical constipation is the number one complaint after the operation. I had a bit of a problem with it myself after my recent hysterectomy. I am not sure how much laxative you have taken but I was told to take the maximum dose of ducolax for three days and it did the trick. My husband was not as lucky, he got so compacked after his surgery that I almost had to take him in to have it cleaned out. It ended up, I had to give him a real enama and he finally opened up but it was a very painful thing for him.

With the type of surgery that you had, I am surprised they did not give you something to use after you went home to keep your bowls loose. I would think that the straining would not be so good on your incisions. Pain medication does tend to be a clogger so if you are still not getting relief, I would make my doctor give me something to get me started.

I recently talked to a friend of mine that is a doctor and he was telling me how little fiber we get even we are taking supplements. If I remember right, I told him that I use benefiber three times a day and he said that I was only getting 3 to 6 grams of fiber by using it. He also said that the body need 36 grams of fiber a day to keep the body regular. I am not sure how one would get that much fiber on a daily basis.

I wish you luck.
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I just posted some questions and concerns ( Jan. 13th. ) re. my surgery that was similar to your surgery.  I, too, had the same problem after the surgery but then it improved for a few months but now I am worse off.  Have your problems been resolved?  I eat plenty of fiber, eat prunes, and drink enough fluids.  I am active and fit.  Nothing seems to help?  I would appreciate any feedback you can provide.

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I had the same problem after my rectocele and enterocele repairs.  I didn't have a bowel movement for 5 days after taking stool softeners as directed.  I finally went after taking Milk of Magnesia.
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Hi Jamie215

I am writing to you due to having a cystocele and suspected enterocele.  I am having a lot of back pain and low abdominal pain and bowel movements are difficult with added water retention in bowel and bladder etc etc.
I noticed you had an enterocele operation and I am pretty desperate to find out what these are like and any good as well as not so good stories of outcomes.  I am very afraid and may have to wait a long time to see a consultant.

I appologise for asking such a personal question.  There are so few positive stories of outcomes that I am losing hope.

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