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Recurrent Yeast Infections

Everytime i have sex with my boyfriend i get a yeast infection at 1st i thought it was the long rough sex but on Sunday we did it gently for about 15 minutes and now it seems like i have another yeats infection, i keep getting them every month now. We dont use condoms and he doesnt ejaculate in me and im not on birth control either so it cant be condoms or birth control. Can anyone please help me out ? I have a doctor's appointment until next week. But i know they wont do nothing about this.Im also taking acidophilus and Jarrow Formulas Fem Dophilus but im still sitting here with a burning vagina, could it be thay hes carrying yeast on his penis ?
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Yep, that is a likely scenario.  You are probably picking it up from him.  He needs to be treated systemically (tablets).  Hope that cures it for you!  good luck
You really think so? he has so symptoms though.Either way I'll  still make him take the tablets and use the antifungal cream
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