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Recurring UTIs- need advise

I have a UTIs every couple of months. I pee and clean my vaginal area every time I have sex. Does anyone have this problem or any advice about this kind of issue?
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I'm going to assume you use proper hygiene for going to the bathroom. Example, only wiping front to back and not back to front. Sorry to be so graphic but that is one way that women give them selves UTIs. Otherwise speak to your doctor as frequent UTIs could be caused by kidney your Risa or bladder abnormalities or conditionS. You will want them to look at these different organs to see if there something going on that's causing the frequent UTIs. Give us an update when you can. Good luck
One other note. With regards to sex, if your partner is touching your anus and then using either his penis or finger that has touched your anus to touch you elsewhere closer to your your Reatha this can also transmit bacteria that can cause a UTI. You cannot wash that away once it's within your your Reatha so you would need to remind him not to go from your anus to the other areas.
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I've struggled with UTIs since I was little due to kidney reflux. I had surgery for it and it's gotten a lot better, but I will still get a UTI on rare occasions. The thing that worked best for me as far as home remedies/self treatment was drinking plenty of water, taking warm baths with 1 cup of apple cider vinegar mixed in, eating more yogurt, and making sure you always have on clean underwear (we get discharge, and if that's stuck in your underwear for a while, it could collect bacteria and possibly re-enter you), and pee as often as you need to ... your body is trying to get rid of it! However, going to see a doctor and getting some antibiotics are your best bet to kill off the UTI for sure.

I hope this helped!!
That's a VERY helpful answer.  thank you
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I also go through phases of getting UTIs fairly frequently, and they sometimes seem to come on with absolutely no warning. In the past they have been triggered by sex but more recently not the case from what I can tell. Always when you feel that first tingle, drink plenty of water, and also a teaspoon of bicarbonate soda in the water will help ease the pain and neutralise the ph. In most supermarkets or pharmacies you can also buy cystitis relief sachets that you dissolve into water, I always try carry these on me or my car - they seriously help ease the pain and gets the infection gone in no time.

In my experience some people are simply more prone to UTIs than others for no obvious reason,but as others have mentioned, good hygiene and lots of water seem to be the most common suggestions for prevention.

Hope this helps!
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