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Reoccurring BV

So for the past year I have been having issues with reoccurring BV (bacterial vaginosis) I have one sexual partner and I take probiotics not necessarily daily I use vagisil wash for down there , I drink lots of lemon water and I even take prebiotic suppositories after my menstrual cycle and after sex .. I don’t know why I keep getting this infection. Could it be due to my partner carrying a bacterial infection and it’s throwing off my PH ? Antibiotics do take the infection away but it comes back a few weeks later .. why does it keep coming back ?
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Argh.  Sorry to hear.  I actually had recurring BV for a period of time years ago. Such a pain.  It is true that if you have a regular partner, he could have bacteria and you two pass it back and forth.  What they often do is treat both of you at the same time with the antibiotics.  You might get a yeast infection when taking the antibiotics and don't let that freak you out. Then you can treat the yeast infection after.  I would talk to your doctor about antibiotics for you and then a script for your partner to take at the same time.  See if that doesn't clear it up.  
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