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Right Breast, Armpit, Rib Pain

After having my son a yr and a half ago I have noticed my right breast has nearly doubled in size. When I was breast feeding the right side was his preferred side and it was also the side that produces the most milk. Since a yr and half ago I not only have seen my right breast double in size but a month ago I noticed a lump on top of my breast egg size but in an oval shape. It doesn't hurt and when naked you can clearly see the raised area. Underneath my right breast at top of my rib it feels bruised and hurts to touch. I noticed it feels bruised under armpit as well and also hurts on the side of my ribs like where a bra would sit around chest. I'm obese and my breast were large to begin with and they sag so it's impossible to do a self breast check. My right breast, aches, it's tender and bruised feeling, and it's large and feels heavy. At the age of 3 I was diagnosed with Bilateral Wilms tumor, I still have both kidneys, and have been cancer free for 28yrs now so that alone makes me fearful it's something terrible. I have no insurance, and was recently laid off so as a Single Mom I am turning here first to hopefully get some insight, PLEASE HELP!!
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Hi there and welcome.  Oh my goodness, I'm sure you are scared.  Sweetie, you have to figure out how to get to a doctor.   If you were laid off, put it into high gear to find a job.  Until then, see if you qualify for Medicaid.  No shame in getting a little help when you need it.  But no one here can diagnose you.  with your history, you need to be seen like yesterday by a doctor that can help you figure out what is going on.  Please let me know the outcome of your doctor's visit.  But you need to go.  See what you can do about Medicaid right away.  or go to a clinic.  (planned parenthood?) good luck
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