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Risk of endometrial cancer

I am 55 years old. DES exposure, menopausal, recently had some bleeding. Had transvaginal ultrasound , lining about 5-6 mm. Went in for hysteroscopy and D&C under general anesthesia, discovered cervical stenosis unable to do procedure. My MD wants to just sit on this and wait. On ultrasound I had blood in uterus after I had stopped spotting. He doesn't seem concerned because I haven't had any more obvious bleeding. I believe good chance blood could just be trapped in uterus. When I had periods this would happen but no one believed me. I am uncomfortable just waiting. Advice?
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Pooling of blood can be due to cervical stenosis. Causes of post menopausal bleeding could be ovarian cysts, endometriosis, diseases of pituitary gland, hormonal imbalance of estrogen and progesterone, thyroid hormone imbalance, cervicitis and cervical cancer. Your doctor may consider tests like blood sugar levels, thyroid function test, prolactin, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSA), estrogen, and testosterone. Imaging studies, such as ultrasound, X-ray, and CT scan or MRI brain may also be recommended in certain individuals.

It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.

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Bug the doctor to order an MRI of your uterus.
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