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Scar Tissue after breast reduction, does this cause pain

I had a breast reduction surgery about four years ago.  I just recently began to feel one of my breast sentative and painful.  I have examined my self but don't feel any lumps, but I am worry that I my have breast cancer.  I was told that it might be scar tissue but I just don't know.  Can anyone tell me if this is what could be happening to me?
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Hi,it could be scar tissue.Have you seen the surgeon that performed your breast reduction?You need to seen by the surgeon that performed the reduction,and him/her check it out.If it is scar tissue,the surgeon will do another surgery to remove the scar tissue.You need to make an appointment tomorrow.Take care.Happy Holidays.
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I would think if it was related to your breast reduction scars you would've been having soreness/pain MUCH sooner.  Its been 4 years since you've had it done.  

You are having pain/soreness localized in one breast.  It sounds more like you may be developing something like a cyst. Determining the appropriate treatment for this type of breast pain is difficult, not only because it is hard to pinpoint where the pain is coming from, but also because the pain is not hormonal.

You need to schedule an exam and mammogram.
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Subject: Breast Reduction Pain Four Years Later!

I had breast reduction almost four years ago. My left breast has been hurting so much .When I get cold , the nipple starts to hurt and it sends excruciating pain to the breast. In order to relieve this pain if I am at home I will warm up a heating pad and the pain will start to subside.  However, it does not diminish completely. I also experience itching, sometimes the itching is excruciating . Sometimes numbness and always feels swollen. There are times when I also feel sharp very uncomfortable pains which just come.
I am so apprehensive to be put under again and have them not fix what it is.  ...but every waking breath of every day my left breast hurts.   I have been online looking and looking and have never found anything that might answer my question.  This is the first place I am hoping you might be able to shed some light on this.  AND...the saddest news of all is that my breasts are still size DD and the one that hurts is much bigger than the other one.  
Any suggestions for me?
thank you,
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does scarlet fever cause any scarring or loss of pigmentation?  Does anybody know if tanning would help or make worse?
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I had a breast reduction june 08 after the surgery the healing process began. I developed a greenish brown infection on my left breast which was treated by my doctor. Now my left breast is hard like a rock with two lumps inside them. Could thiis be scar tissue? It is really painful and I can feel the lumps really good.
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I have had chronic pain in my right breast since a breast reduction 10 years ago.  It is either from neuromas or nerves caught in scar tissue.  It sounds like you may have something similar.  My nipples are still sensitive, but not at the level you are talking about.

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I had reduction 12 years ago. I have always had some degree of pain in my left breast which I was always told was scar tissue. There is also sutures or something that can be felt in there. It's very tender when I have brest exams. But, it is becoming excruciating pain the past 3 months. The pain is in my chest, my rib cage, through my back and to my shoulder. It hurts sometimes when I take a deep breath. I have been checked for all cardiac and blood clots and everything is normal. So, I really think it's my breast that is causing all this pain.  I am wondering if anyone has ever had this problem and how do you get it taken care of? My primary doctor gave me percocet for the pain and it helps the pain but, I think I am allergic to it because it makes me itch really bad and I get nauseous so, I hate taking it. I can't get an appointment with my Obgyn until December. Ugh.
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I can relate to your response the most.  I also had a reduction 15 years ago and it has been over the past 4 years that I have major pains through out my chest.  No problems elsewhere so I have to conclude it's comming from all the scar tissue.  The pain radiates all through my chest and back.  Some days it's so bad I can hardly stand it.  I finally asked my Doctor during an annual routine physical and he said it was very possible the scars are causing the pain.  The Doc who did the reduction is in another state from where I'm living now so I can't go back to him.  I'm really at a loss for what to do. Taking pain pills doesn't sound pleasing so I've just been living with it.  But it's been progressively getting worst.  I really don't know what to do !!!
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I had the surgery back in 2001 only 7 years ago and have felt the pain through my chest back and shoulders. sometimes making feel sick it hurts so bad... i'm glad to hear i am not the only one.
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I had a breast reduction in 2003 (removing a total of 15 lbs.)  I discovered a lump in my right breast about 3 months after the surgery.  I went back to the surgeon and he said that it was scar tissue.  My OB/GYN indicates that it feels like scar tissue be it that my breast were sooooooo large prior to the surgery.  In the last 4-6 weeks (2008), I have been having really bad pain (sharp) in the same breast where the scar tissue is located and my nipple is often tender and sore.  I am glad that I am not the only one who has experienced this sharp and sometimes dull pain associated with the reduction and scar tissue.
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I am glad I found this website as I know exactly what you're going through. I had breast reduction in Feb 2005 and have had pain every single day in my right breast since the surgery. I take pain meds daily (Tramadol and Neurontin) and like you, get sharp pains in my nipple in the cold and use a heating pad for relief.. My surgeon says it is a neuroma in the scar tissue and he has not had any patient besides me who is experiencing this problem, making me feel so alone with this extremely painful condition.   I wear a Lidoderm patch under my right breast during the day so that I can function at work. It is agony to wear a bra, but I have found that if I wear a lacy camisole underneath my bra instead of over it seems to help alleviate the pain.   I tried cortisone injections (very painful),  acupuncture, TENS unit, nerve blocks - all without relief. It is so frustrating, but knowing that there are others out there makes me feel like I'm not crazy.
Maybe a pain clinic could help you.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!
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I am so glad that I found this web site.My reduction was done Oct.2003 and I was sitting here with all of the same pains .
It's so bad....under my left breast  it feels like a pin in sticking with pain under my arm,in my chest,back all of the same things that you guys are feeling.
Has anyone found a doctor to help or is there any help for us???
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