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Scars in pubic area

Hi. Im 14 and I'm embarrassed to say that i have this thing where i pick the ingrown hair in my pubic area right above my vagina. Since i pick them, that leads to scabs and/or scars. I know i should stop picking them and i will, but I'm worked those scars will stay there forever. What should i do? Please help me as soon as possible.
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1: Scars fade over time. I've gotten some nasty ones and you'll be shocked if you could find them. Including one that started out as a 6 inch gash about 7/8 years ago. If you have scars, don't worry, they really do fade in time. Also there are creams that may help speed up that process.

2: No male/female is going to look at your vaginal area that closely. (That is assuming you shave and it is visible.) When it comes to sex, someone who loves you won't be bothered. Also, anyone who says something is probably a royal jerk anyways and so not worth your time.

3: yes you probably should stop picking at them- but mainly because you don't want them to get infected.
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