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Second Period is 9 days late after medical abortion?

I had a medical abortion back in March, everything went smoothly. Follow up ultrasound showed so. I bled for about 2 weeks after that and then about 6 weeks later (April 25th) I started my period. It was heavier than normal and lasted about 2 weeks.

Then on May 20th and 21st I had brown spotting and then it went away. Later I thought *maybe* it was implantation bleeding. It is now June 1st and I am 9 days past when I should be getting my period. Is this normal? I have taken 4 HPT's and all have been BFN.

Should I just keep waiting? Could I possibly be preggo and the HPT's aren't wrong?

I am so confused!!

This discussion is related to 9 days late, 3 negative HPTs, could I still be pregnant??.
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Most likely it's becuase you cycle is off becuase of the abortion.  Becuase it wasn't a "natural" termination it was a shock to your system so it may take a month or two for your cycle to get back to normal.  I would wait a few more weeks and if you still do not have your normal period on time and the HPT's are still negative, consult with your doctor.  If you think the tests are wrong, wait another week and test again.  
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If you dont get your period in another week i would call your physician. For some people urine HPT's dont work. I wouldn't worry though. With all your body has gone through in  the past couple of months it can throw everything out of whack. Good luck with everything and hang in there =)
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it's just odd, with other pregnancies....BFP has shown up right away.

thanks for the advice :)
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I, myself was reading these kind of questions earlier this morning & was thinking "WHY HASNT ANYONE POSTED WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED TO THEM", well I'm here to do so! I was nervous cause I had an abortion Oct 31st (Halloween). & bled the week after. I got my period Dec 11th for 7 days just as my normal period was. When Jan 11th came around I had no idea what was going on! Earlier in the week, I was still having cramps & headaches so I thought my period would be on its normal cycle again. I was two days late when I started looking up these kind of posts & started freaking myself out but I was glad I wasn't the only one in search for their second period! The next day, I looked up more posts & became more scared. Finally tonight I took two different brand urine pregnancy tests. I was so scared I had my boyfriend look for me. Thankfully, they both came back negative! We went out to dinner to celebrate & an hour after we came home, I used the bathroom & low and behold, there were little pink spots when I wiped! What I'm trying to say is, don't even worry! The second period isn't going to be the same as the first after your abortion because your body is still adjusting! Don't stress about it! Hope this helps!
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I take abortion pills on 20th july n bleeding started after  4 hours n it was continued for 5 days like my normal periods but it about 45 days now i dotlnt get period..i did pregency test by kit for 2 times and result was negative.what will i do know please suggest
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