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Second opening to uterus?

I have a small hole on top of my clitoris and when I try to look for more information on it, I can’t seem to find any so I’m thinking this is rare? I’m pretty sure the opening leads to my uterus because vaginal discharge and period blood comes out of it too. Any answers as to how this formed and is it dangerous? It hasn’t affected me health wise but for the longest time I thought it was my urethra until I saw that no pee came out, just discharge and period blood.
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It could be, and a good ob/gyn should be able to tell you what it is. Some women have a double uterus and double vagina, for example, or a septum that runs the length of the vagina and divides it into two.

There are some little holes in that area relating to the Bartholin's gland, and I think they can sometimes get cysts and then drain. You might ask your doctor at your next pelvic exam, and point out the place you are wondering about.
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And, p.s., if you did have one of these rare things, it is not considered dangerous. If a girl can't get a tampon in because of a septum, then they might do a surgery to remove it, and if there is a double uterus the woman needs to consult with a doc before trying to get pregnant. But it's only considered 'dangerous' if someone has a really tiny exit for the period to  flow out, or no exit for it at all.
You could also look up the Skene's glands, to see if they ever get infected enough to bleed.

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