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Self esteem question....

Self esteem issues when you cover up, or let out for attention? I have an obsession with Dr.Phil and all those talk shows. Well on Dr.Phil today, hes talking to a girl who does porn. He asked her if her self esteem was really that low that she needed to show everyone whats shes got to get attention. Well here Im sitting thinking.... Im finally happy about how I look an I want to show it off, because I dont have low self esteem. I wouldnt go that far but I see how if you were comfortable with your body, you would show it off.
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I think it can be both depending on the situation.  In your situation feeling good about what you've accomplished and showing it off in an attractive manner is very normal.  Having low self esteem and stripping, hooking, or sleeping around for attention is very different.  
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I just dont see how people with low self esteem could do that. Low self esteem means your not happy with what youve got right? So how could it be that you would strip fro example, to boost self esteem. If I have low self esteem, NO ONE is seeing much.
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Kinda Lucey but a lot of women with low self esteem expose themselves in order to get positive feedback. Even if the positive feedback is simply men lusting after their bodies and not actually wanting THEM. For instance if a woman with low self esteem takes naked pictures and a man is very turned on by them, she considers it an ego boost and will continue and escalate the behavior because she doesn't have the high self esteem to say "I'm worth more than this". However you're right, a lot of women with high self esteem show off what they've got because they're proud and confident with themselves....it can go either way.
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Self esteem is about what you think of yourself and so you don't have to put it out there for the world to see.  It's not about having a great body, it's about being happy with what you have. Anyone who puts their whole self into how they "look" is in for big disappointment or denial.  Look at all the beautiful women who never cultivated anything else for themselves.  We talk about them as tragic, while women who have made a name for themselves outside of their looks are our heros.

"Someone should have told her, when beauty's all you offer has soon the world discovers when your beauty's gone" Nanci Griffith
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