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Seroquel side effects

I have been on Seroquel for quite some time now and I have noticed that my memory has decreased immensely. I was wondering if this is a normal side effect from the Seroquel? Also, if I discontinue using Seroquel, will my memory return to normal?
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Hi, Cynthia!  You are the first person I have seen here other than myself who takes seroquel.  I take it in conjunction with klonopin, tramadol, zoloft, and vistiril.  I suspect that your seroquel has been added to other meds you take?  This is not ordinarily the first drug a doctor will try for psychotic problems.  I, too have bad memory, and I know it is from these drugs, after having been on them plenty long enough.  I have developed a habit of writing EVERYTHING down, no matter how insignificant, so I never have to worry about not remembering something.  Personally, I would rather write stuff down than not take the meds and be miserable every day.  NOTE: NEVER DISCONTINUE ANY DRUG WITHOUT YOUR DOCTOR'S SUPERVISION!!  Doing so can cause major withdrawals and horrible side effects.  I have a link that tells you all about seroquel.  I do not reccomend you read it, as it will only scare you off it.  I did not even look closely at the page.  But I will leave it up to you.  Blessings - Blu

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I take seroquel specifically and only for sleep. However, I haven't been able to find another sleep aid that works better than seroquel. This is my dilemma.
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Are you taking anything else?  Seroquel at such a low dose probably shouldn't be causing those side effects.  Have you tried trazodone or ambien or rozerem?  
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I have multiple sclerosis, depression, and a sleep problem. My ms meds[baclofen/tizanidine] and 300mg of seroquel gave me a memory loss big-time!!!. The ER cut all my meds in half[dc'd the tizan]. I never want to go that high again. I couldn't remember my grandchildren!!!  I did get withdrawals from it.[Was jumpy/agitated/anxious]for several days. I'm on 150mg now. My dreams at night are vivid, and it's like being in a reality show!
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Has your memory returned to normal?
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  I HAD MEMOREY LOSS AND SEVERE WEIGHT GAIN. I did not get my memory back that was loss but as soon as i stopped taking it i had no memory loss and loss all the weight i had gained by taking Seruquel and then some. I advise anyone do not take this medication it is really bad for you.I am not a doctor it is my personal oppion. I know because i know what it took from my life alot and i cannot get that back.
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