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Severe Pelvic Pain

Last Thurs night all of a sudden i started having severe pelvic pain. Thought i might be starting my period as i am a bit late, but have never really had severe cramps. As the night went on the pain got worse until around 4am i couldnt even walk the pain so so severe. I was doubled over and crying it hurt so bad. Fri morning i went to the ER as it just continued to get worse. Was given a pelvic exam which showed swelling of cerix and ovaries, was sent to Altrasound and they had a hard time seeing my right ovary so was sent to CT scan ..all came back Neg. Was given some Antibiotics and sent home. It has been 4 days now with litte relief. the pevic pain has let up however my right ovary feels as if it is being ripped out. I am 37 yrs old, have had a tubal ligation (13 years ago ) and otherwise in good health.
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a few years ago i remember having the same thing . i was so sore could hardley walk . i had to bend over when i did. i went to the er. i also had a ultra sound . but they could not see anything. then they descided to take out my appendit even thought that was not the problem. the doc said atleast we will be able to see whats going on in there.after my op. they said it was a  large cycts on my ovarie that had burst and my stomach was full of blood for it and thats the  reason the ultra sound could not find it. if u r still in so much pain go back to the er or doctor.
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Clearly you have pelvic inflammatory disease.  In some cases, oral antibiotics are not enough; IV antibiotics may be needed.  Or, even if no abscess was seen on pelvic ultrasound 4 days ago, one could have developed in the meantime.  Return to your provider right away.  Delayed cure risks infertility, so don't sit on this problem (pun intended).

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