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Severe cramping + low blood pressure

This Friday my period started early in the morning... then around 9:30 while I was in school, I started feeling pain in my abdominal/pelvic region. It wasn't too bad at first but gradually became worse and worse.  I have never had cramps on my period, but I figured there was a first time for everything!  Then it got even worse, and I started feeling faint.  My head ached terribly.  Within a few minutes, my vision started to blur and I thought I would pass out.  I excused myself from class and barely made it to the nurse without collapsing!  The pain was so bad I couldn't think straight.  I was hysterical and made a complete fool of myself.  The nurse told me that my blood pressure was very low.  I went to a clinic to see a doctor, who took some blood and a urine sample.  Within 30 minutes, the pain had gone and I felt completely fine again.  The doctor said that the test results were all completely normal and indicated no problem.  She had me go in later that day for an ultrasound.  I am still awaiting the doctor's verdict, but the technician said that everything looked fine!  I am 17 by the way.  My period only started 1 1/2 years ago.  Since the brief episode on Friday, nothing else has happened.  Has anyone else experienced something like this?
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Hi there and welcome.  Well, did the nurse at school take your blood pressure or guess due to your symptoms.  Intense pain does affect our heart rate----  and blood pressure.  Usually it goes up though.  

As you are a minor, I would talk to your parents about this for your next step.  Perhaps they will want to wait and see if you have another episode or they will want to be proactive and have you get a full physical looking into what may have happened.

good luck hon
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