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Severe itching in a 'downstairs' spot plus white discoloration... ?

Firstly, please don't anybody say something like "ooh it sounds like you should go see a doctor because they can help you better". Yeah DUH! =p Sorry, don't wanna be rude. But it's like, we're on this forum to get advice from regular people BEFORE seeing a doc or after having seen a few and failed treatment. Just be helpful or move onto another topic - thanks.

Anyway, so for the past 2 years I've had itching in this one spot, outer labia and it can be pretty severe at times. Particularly at night. Saw a doc for it when it first began, was prescribed a cortisone cream which seemed to help at first. Now the issue has just seemed to get worse AND I was startled to see almost a white patch of skin there. It doesn't feel dry or textured in any way; just the colour is different. I've Googled and scared myself half to death thinking what it could be. I certainly don't feel or seem ill in any other way so... wondering if it's just some ugly thing that I'm going to have to deal with.

Can anyone relate? The cortisone doesnt' seem to work anymore so... yeah =\
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