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Severe symptons before my period

Hi there, i'm a 21 year old female, and for the last 4 or 5 years my periods seem to have got worse than before, the main symptons are severe nausea, trapped wind and anxiety. I also get breast pain and headaches but they don't seem as bad as the rest, im getting really worried that i might have PMD or PMDD, but i don't have painful periods every month, only about 3 or 4 periods out of a year are very bad with severe pain, but most of the time there is only light pain and normal bleeding. I'm not on the pill, and im scared to because when i was 14 i was on the pill and my periods got worse, once i stopped taking it my periods got better and i haven't been on the pill since. Is there anything else i can do about my severe symptoms?
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Oops i ment PMS
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So, the good news is that you have the 'bad periods' only a few times a year and it isn't every cycle.  Manipulating with hormones would make sense if it were more frequent (remember, there are more than one type of pill in terms of the hormones in them and trial and error could find one to work well for you down the road if you need to).  Does anything help like ibuprofen for cramping and breast tenderness?  I have cyclic things related to my hormones that have intensified as I'm getting to that dreaded age in which menopause is a concern.  Since I know it is cyclic, and WHY it is happening, I deal with it.  I get insomnia.  So, I try not to stress because I know it is just for about 3 nights before my period.  I get anxiety.  Same as with insomnia.  I know why it's happening and it calms me to not get too concerned.  

I think you can talk to your doctor about it when you next have a physical or ob/gyn check.  Do you have either of those coming up?
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