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Sex, gone wrong?

Hello, I'm a 19 almost twenty year old girl, and I've been sexually active for a year now. Two days ago when I had sex it was very hard to get in, more than usual, and and the pain was also more. After there was blood and it hurt to the touch. bleed for half the day. The fallowing night we attempted sex again, I made sure I was wet enough, but more pain a lot more and blood immediately. It took me several minutes till I could move off the bed, it felt like I was being raped by knifes. why is this happening??
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lol sorry, lemme try that again
Hello. Just let me start off to say that you are totally normal. It's going to hurt a lot and for some women they will hurt and bleed for a long time, which is just the "breaking in" phase. The bigger your guy is in proportion to you, the longer it may take.. ( took me 3 months before all the pain was completely gone) yall just gotta be very patient with eachother, relax, increase the foreplay and the lube and have fun. A little bit of wine or beer can help a lot when you are first starting out. A few glasses of wine and no **** gon scare me haha
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beacuse u was sexually active u dident had sex n now  u did cause he open it cause u dident had sex over a year but thts why it hurted lolo
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I would agree completely, only I believe I've already gone through that "breaking in phase" a month ago. We have sex every night, and this was so random. But I do like my wine and bed and it helps with the pain so I'll be doing that too.
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