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Sex Smell A Day After Sex

I had unprotected sex with my fiance at night, after we were done we cleaned our selves
Next day i went to work and when i came back home i was smelling
like if i had sex that day, which i didn't.
Why would my vagina smells like sex if i didn't had sex but the night before?

Thanks in advance
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When you say you cleaned yourselves up, did you shower or did you just towel off and go back to your day? I feel that when I take a shower after sex, it takes away that "sex smell" (even though, most of the time only YOU can smell yourself). It could also be his semen still inside you. I noticed that when my fiance and I have unprotected sex there's always that little trickle throughout the next couple days even though I used the bathroom right after sex.
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No, we did not shower, we just cleaned ourselves with wipes.
It was a strong smell because he could even smell it.
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It is always best to wash with water.

Soaps and wipes have their own smell and that too can not "mix" well with your own body odours and the odours after having sexual contact with your partner.
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This is the second time that I get this strong smell and it's giving me problems with my partner, he thinks that i'm cheating him with someone. I'M NOT!  but i will definitely start washing my self with water after having sex

Thanks ☺
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If you do want to use soap, use the non perfumed ones.

Wear cotton underpants as the nylon and manmade fibre ones will make you sweat and smell more.

If the smell continues after good hygiene (wash in the morning and before going to bed and after sex).  If you aren't able to wash after sex, may be because you had "fun" late at night and you are tired, still go for a pee.  That won't stop any smells, but it will reduce the risk of getting a urinary infection.  And then wash in the morning.

Wear clean underpants every day.

Perhaps you should tell him that those smells are normal when not washing and it is his excretions mixed with yours that cause the smell.
Perhaps you should also tell him to wash himself before he has sex with you.

Not good if there is no trust in a relationship.
Reassure him that these smells are normal if the body is not washed after having sexual intercourse and that you love him and would not cheat on him.  He seems to lack security.

If you still continue to have a "bad" smell after good hygiene, book an appointment to see your doctor.  Sometimes the smells can be caused by a bacterial infection, with or without a discharge.

Best wishes.

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If I don't shower depending on different factors I get left with a smell the next day. My boyfriend just laughs about it and says I need a shower lol
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