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Shallow/Short/Small Vagina? Hormonal?

I am a 24 year old female and I have a problem with the depth of my vagina.

I am very sure that the issue is not Vaginismus, as I have no problem with involuntary muscle contraction, no anxiety about sex and I can reach clitoral orgasm without problem.

The problem is with penetrative sex of any kind. The depth of my vagina, even when fully aroused is at most 2 inches before hitting my cervix. This is very frustrating and makes penetrative sex impossible and painful.

Why could the cause of this be? Is it a problem with my hormones? Might it be a postural issue? Could it be a tilted uterus? (my cervix does seem to be at an angle, and there is space in my vaginal canal behind it if that makes sense). Or all of the above?

What kind of treatments might successfully work? I have tried pelvic floor exercises and pilates for over a year with no noticeable difference. If there is a hormonal cause what kind of treatments might work?

I am thinking the problem might be hormonal as I also have very small breasts/nipples, am rather hirsute and have quite a long menstrual cycle (a bit over 5 weeks).

A few years ago I was concerned about my hormone levels, had an ultrasound and was told that I had cysts on my ovaries. However this was before I was sexually active so I did not ask about the depth of my vagina and I was very very uncomfortable with the rude and unhelpful endocrinologist so I did not return.

If anyone has experience/suggestions/advice I would really appreciate it.

Also what would the best kind of doctor be to see considering I think the problem may be hormonal? Does a normal gynaecologist know about hormonal issues too? I've never been to a gynaecologist/women's doctor before so do not really know what to expect.

Thank you for all of your time and help.  

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What made you be concerned about your hormonal levels back then exactly? Like how were you feeling? and what having a long menstrual cycle mean?
I am 4 inch and I cant sleep with normal women. I am looking for such kind of women as you.
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Hi Paige,

A few things prompted me to talk to my GP about checking my hormone levels, they were things which wouldn't bother be so much on their own but all together I felt were worth investigating my androgen levels:

Very bad acne, very irregular periods which stopped altogether for several months, a lot of body hair, very small breasts/nipples with very little nipple sensitivity and I felt by built was quite masculine (easily put on muscle, broad shoulders, narrow hips).

As for how I was "feeling" I remember also being very depressed around that time, but I'm not sure if that is relevant?

The thing is I'm unsure with all of the above what is "normal" and what I might be over reacting about.

Since then my periods have become a lot more regular, around every 40 days, which I think is a "long" cycle compared to average? But I'm not too concerned about this.

Hope that answers your question and also helps in answering mine.
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Sounds similar to my situation. My cervix has always been low, and I have seen numerous doctors after an abnormal Pap smear, and none of them commented on it. Recently, I have been considering pregnancy so I was worried about this, and sometimes my cervix is so low before ovulation that I feel it's almost out of my vagina when I bear down. I went to an OBGYN and he wasn't concerned, even considering pregnancy. He did recommend a hormone panel which I will do closer to the conception date, but otherwise it shouldn't be a problem unless you're considering pregnancy. I am also quite hirsute and he suspects a hormone issue, but I can still do missionary at 6" and other positions at a shorter depth, you just have to make sure he goes either on top of or below your cervix, which should be easy in many positions as long as he doesn't pull past the cervix when thrusting. If he keeps the motions short, you should be okay.
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I've known women who either had or knew women who had vaginas as short as three or four inches deep even when fully aroused.  One friend, not that shallow in depth but still a bit shorter than average told me that she asks all men she conisders for physical intimacy about the length of their penises.  It isn't because she wants to avoid small ones, but rather because anything longer than 6" hurts.  Mr. Average is perfect for her, and she doesn't want to find a Mr. Big.  It could be both that your vagina is shallow and that you have a particularly sensitive cervix (nerves in and around it).  The former may just call for a man who has a small penis.  Just as some women prefer and more readily accept as a lover a man with a large penis, your ideal-mate criteria may include that he be under 4".  They're out there, maybe up to 10 percent of the population.  The latter possibility (sensitive cervix) could be at least partially because of cyclical or permanent hormone imbalances.
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I think your problem is one of them.  
1- Polycystic ovarian  syndrome

2- Congenital adrenal hyperplasia
3- Cushing syndrome
4- hypothyroidism
5- idiopathic or familial hirsutism
6-female pseudohermaphroditism
And others
I'm not saying you have one of them but your doctor could start to search the above. The best is the gynaecologist.
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My gf has this issue Im much to large for her but I am able to satisfy her by laying my penis in the slit between the lips and it is an amazing orgasm for both of us for the girl it stimulates everything at once and for the man it is right on the underside( most sensitive) part this may help with any partner if you find they are to long
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My fiancé complains that it hurts. Sometimes she says it feels like I made it with her stomach. She is easily aroused outside but penetration climax is near impossible. She is 26 now and has been on birth control since she was 11. She is never horny besides the week after her period and then we have fun. She feels abnormal about not having a sex drive like all of her friends. I have no complaints band think her anxiety towards being comfortable may play a role. I think the birth control has drained estrogen and am worried she has a short vagina or something is tilted. I am on the more well endowed size(9in) but I love her and want her to be comfortable and  want her to feel sexy like the woman she is to me. I hate knowing she thinks there’s something wrong with her, if we could figure it out she would be happier and let’s be honest sex is always a plus. She has had Pap smears and no one has said anything about a tilted cervix or anything. What could it be and is there anything she or I can do?
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