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Im 17 and Its my first time shaving my lady parts. Whats the best way to shave the soft skin near the vagina? Im afraid I might get a cut
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What do you mean the soft skin near the vagina? Do you mean inside of the "labia majora"?
*on the inside of the Labia Majora is what I meant. lol
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Regardless... My first time shaving... I did it all... I don't know if you want to leave something or...?  But I actually, no joke, stood over a mirror.. the long rectangular ones... and used scissors CAREFULLY to get the hair shorter. Then I held one side out, CAREFULLY again,lol, shaved and watched. Then the other side. Then got real close to the mirror by getting on my knees. And made sure to get the rest. I even had my sister help me the first time, just to make sure I didn't have any stray hairs left.  If you are asking a question like this, you can't be TOO shy.. right? So, if you have a sister, or cousin that you are close enough to, and they are willing. Ask them for some help. P.S. The first time, you will be shaky. So just stay calm. You'll do fine. After a while, you won't even have to look most of the way through it. Til you get to the really important parts. lol I even put deodorant on the abdomen area... and the outer parts afterward. Helps with any razor burn. For me anyway. You could even try using a hair trimmer to see how you like it before you shave totally. Just be careful no matter what you do. And used a new razor. EVERYTIME. Just MY OPINIONS. NOT FACTS. Good luck!
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Ya know, let me caution you.  Shaved clean may be popular in modern young culture but the truth is, we have pubic hair for a reason.  It's to help with friction.  And once shaved, you have to deal with that--  from sex to your clothes.  AND, the hair follicle is still there and they can be a pain to deal with.  AND, the hair starts to grow back and is very uncomfortable.  Itchy and can tingle.  We have a lot of posts here about this discomfort.  My suggestion is to shave the bikini area well and then TRIM.  Trim it down rather than shaving it all off.  Make it look neat and tidy and trim it really low.  But you will be happier than if you shave it all off in my opinion.  good luck
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If you're using a brand new razor, just be really careful about pressing super hard, or moving it sideways. If you don't do those things, you'll be fine. I usually stretch the skin upwards, toward my belly button, so it kinda makes it easier to see, and it makes that skin tighter so it's easier to shave. Let me take a minute to warn you about waxing... I learned this the hard way. I started getting Brazilian waxes regularly, and then when I got sick of spending $65 on it, I decided I could go back to shaving. THAT IS NOT SO! I have never had an ingrown hair problem, until then. It was awful. I had to quit shaving, and just use an electric trimmer, which saved my skin (literally) for about a year, before things kind of went back to normal. So just beware, that if you ever want to try waxing, you may not be able to go back to shaving right away. Also, you may get ingrown hairs from just shaving, regardless of prior waxing. If that's the case, switch to electric trimmer! Way better than having ingrown hairs.
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Honey go to a salon that waxes - Shaving is very temporary and why you want to be welding a razor down there I have no idea.
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I agree fully with you Lee_1989....
The pulling the skin taught so that it isn't like shaving a Shar Pei lol Not that mine is anywhere NEAR loose like THAT lmbo, but you get the idea! lol I didn't even think of that when trying to explain it.  I have been shaving fully since I was like 15 or something, and I'm now 32. I have my lazy moments, when I don't shave for a bit and I personally cannot stand for it to be "long". It has a tendency to do the opposite of what was said above, for me.  Instead of the growing back being itchy, it's the totally grown back 70's vag that itches me. It's a rarity for me to let it grow out, BUT if It is Winter, and all of the "situations" somehow line up one after the other, then it might grow out, (and please tell me I'm not the only one this happens to...) and little hairs get caught in my panties, and pulls!!! It hurts! lmbo
I have started to prefer using a trimmer, because it is just easier, and less risk of nicking something VITAL! lol I think one of the main reasons I prefer it ALL gone, and would like to try waxing as you have talked about (except for the upkeep as you pointed out, as I didn't think of the repercussions, however "minor"...) because it's so much easier in the summer! It is always a "humid" area, and when it is summer time, it's only that much worse! So... IN MY OPINION, AND MY SO's OPINION AS WELL... (not an attack on anyone who does like the natural look and feel, on themselves or on their SO)... it is just a lot "fresher" down town when you shave, wax, or trim short.  Hope that wasn't weird. I'm pretty open about most everything... I figure most of you are too if you are answering these sort of questions, etc. I hope, though, that I didn't offend anyone. Not my intention as we all have our preferences. And "Some like it hot". lol
Have a great weekend Lee and all!
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