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Shooting Pains, Painful Lump and struggling to put on any pressure.

Hello, I am super embarressed to be writing this but yesterday I took my kids to the park and after trying to demonstrate a 'flyer' on the tyre swing I left go and landed with heavy force on my feet. As i landed a sharp pain shot up through my left leg from the left side of my shin upwards. It took me around 5 mins to be able to even lift my foot from the ground it felt bolted to the floor. Since then I can barely walk, have the most excrusiating pains and also have a lump that feels soft like its full of liquid. I am sat down currently and my whole leg is throbbing and sending shooting pains up through my whole leg, my shin is super sore even to touch. No bruising on the outside though and not really anyh swelling either. Any suggestions?
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Sprained or torn muscle, would be my guess. Why is it embarrassing? And, more important, why haven't you seen the doctor?
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