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Short 2 day periods

I'm 20 years old, white, well functioning healthy female. I figured I'd give some background info.

I have unprotected sex, however, (i know this is going to sound dumb) I do not permit my boyfriend to "finish" inside of me. We've never had an issue with this. He also has never precummed either, at least up until recently, about 3 monthes ago is when i noticed it.

well, as of about 3 monthes ago my cycle has changed. My cycle litterally lasts 3 days. 1st day is heavy, 2nd day is heavy/reg and the third day is nothing, or maybe occasional tiny spotting. I haven't gained any weight or started vomiting or anything dramatic. Occationally I'll feel nausus, but nothing that over powers me.

I've never had a pap or anything done with me, and I'm not sure exactly what is going on with me.

Please provide some insight!!!
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