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Short Period

Hi, This may be normal but i just want to know. Normally I have a 28 day cycle and have a period for about 5 or 6 days. Last month i bled normally for 2 days then stopped then started again really light for another few days. And today it's happened again. I started bleeding monday and stopped last night. totally dry today.

Is this ok? I just want to know that there is nothing wrong as we have been TTC for nearly 9 months and nothing has happened.

If you know anything about this kind of thing or have any ideas can you let me know.

Thank you
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Hello loved!


My period changes as well.  It has changed quite a bit over the years.  I'm 30 years old and,  my period lasts 5-6 days.  I would have normal bleeding the first day.  Heavy,  heavy flow on the 2nd and 3rd.  And,  the 4th and 5th day would be very light.  Now however,  the cramps begin very lightly about a week before my period starts.  They're off and on.  But,  then the cramps come back full force about an hour before I start to bleed.  It starts off normal but,  by the third day,  I'm just spotting or bleeding lightly.  To me,  that's strange because my period always went one way.  Many things can change the flow of your period.  Hormones and stress are a couple.  It could be nothing at all wrong but,  if you are worried,  visit your doctor and try to get to the source of the problem,  if there is one.  Keep us posted and good luck!!
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how old are u coz if  u are over 50 it may be normal.
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i'm just 29 :)
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