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Short cycle wanting to get pregnant!

Hi everyone!!  i am new to this site, so let me tell you a little about myself.  i am 22 and about to graduate college in august.  i am wanting a baby really badly and i am concerned about my cycle.  thought i would see what you guys think??  got off bc patch jan 1 06, had 34 day cycles for jan, feb, march, and then in april had 24 day cycle.  i could tell this period was different because it was much heavier and it felt back to normal.  lmp 04/21 and lasted for 4 days.  is it possible for me to o on april 29th or 30th??  thats what my cm looked like, but maybe i am confused??  thanks for the help!  baby dust to you all!
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It is possible, but hard to tell, some women O sooner or later than they are suppose to.  It is best to figure out how many days are in your cycle and then that will help determine when you O. Example..28 day cycle you typically O on day 14.  For a healthy couple it usually takes a year to conceive.  Your chances of conceiving in a month are around 25%.
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thank you for answering.  we have been trying for four months.  may will be our fifth.  so it is just going to take some more time of charting my cycle isnt it?  if i suddenly switched to a 24 day cycle, i will need to see if it stays that short.  is that what you think?  has anyone ever had just one short cycle and then it goes back to normal?
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You might think about getting an Ovulation kit.  The instructions lists the days you will probably ovulate based
on how long your average cycle is over the last 3 months.
Good luck!
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ok, great... i think i will do that.  thanks for your comments ladies.  i appreciate it.
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Yes you can use an OPK to try to determine when you O, but BBT charting will give you a lot more info.  For one, OPKs do not confirm that you are Oing.  They only tell you that your body had an LH surge.  Some women will have an LH surge and still fail to release an egg.  BBT charting can confirm O b/c your temp will go up after it has happened.  Also, if you have a short cycle you may have low progesterone.  If this is the case, you may have a difficult time achieving or sustaining pregnancy.  Don't panic yet, a 24 day cycle is short, but is still considered normal.  You can BBT chart as a way to "monitor" your progesterone.  Of course, a blood test is going to be the only way to know, but BBT charting can give you some insight.  If you notice that you don't get a real significant temp increase after you O, then odds are good there's a progesterone problem.  Also, if you have less than 10 days of raised temps, then you probably have low progesterone.  Again, an OPK won't tell you any of this.  Charting can be a pain in the beginning, but it is so worth it!  Get yourself a copy of "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler.  This will really help you understand how to read your fertility signs and how to maximize your chances of conceiving.  You won't have any questions left after reading this book.  Best of luck to you!
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hi - before you buy an ovulation kit - please read consumer reports. i think they tested ovulation kits and pregnancy tests in the january issue. quite frankly, the ovulation tests performed miserably (the pregnancy tests were accurate however).
in february i used an ovulation kit and it never turned positive. i was convinced i had a fertility problem because according to the test i never ovulated. i know the test was wrong because i got pregnant that month and must have obviously ovulated! i later looked at consumer reports and saw just how badly most ovulation tests  perform.
try following basal body temp for more accurate ovulation calculations.
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