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Should I Be Worried

I was scheduled to have my period on March 21st. I do keep track of my period and  haven't seen anything until I made a trip to the bathroom and noticed that I was spotting.  I had little sharp cramps that comes and goes and I am still constantly going back to the bathroom. (few drops one minute or heavy drops the next). Have been checking my urine and one minute its clear and next minute its mixed with blood. Don't know if im spotting or having my period even though when my period is about to start its bright red and its heavy. But now im only seeing a pinkish color and im having less cramps. Was also worried about being pregnant even though me and my husband are trying to have a baby too and im afraid to take a pregnancy test . NEED ANSWER
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If you are afraid to take a pregnancy test, how are you going to get an answer to the question of whether or not you are pregnant? The symptoms you describe could be the start of your period or maybe not. The only way to tell if you are pregnant this early is to test. Try First Response Early Results, with first-morning urine.
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