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Should I go to the ER? I have no job, money, or insurance.

I am 25 and I have had a history of cysts on my ovaries before. It was a few years ago that it burst and I went to the ER and learned that I was getting cysts. It was painful and all they did was send me home with pain pills. I rarely feel any cysts but sometimes, I just know that they are there. My period always comes on time, unless I am switching from being on/off of birth control (started period when I was 10). I haven't been on any birth control for months now. Usually, my period lasts 5-7 days with 35 day cycles. April 29, I started my period and it lasted for the usual 5-7 days. On June 3, I got my period and this time, it lasted for 15 days with VERY heavy bleeding and some pain, It is August 2nd now. I took a home pregnancy test a few days ago that was negative. I am sexually active with my fiance. I am experiencing some pain, especially when I move a certain way or bend over to pick something off of the floor. I think that the pain is worsening and it feels like a mild case of what it was when I felt the cysts that burst in the past. I have no job, no money, no health insurance. Should I go to the ER and see if they could help me or tell me what is wrong with me? Should I be worried about not being able to get pregnant now (not trying- just want to know if I am fertile) or in the future or having complications? I just need some advice to get me moving. Thanks.
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I hate to see you use the ER for an exam that should be done by an ob-gyn who follows your history, etc.  Especially, for questions like whether you are fertile, the ER is not set up for that.  Can you try to find a local clinic that charges on a sliding scale?  I know someone who gets her regular ob care through Planned Parenthood and gets charged almost nothing.
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The places that charge sliding scale are not equipped with ultrasound equipment or other scans/tests that I may need (that includes our local Planned Parenthood which does not offer sliding scale or any help for the poor - yeah... they don't even have an ultra sound!!! Go figure.). I have already called all of the clinics here and they don't have the proper equipment either... and I live in a College town... it's messed up. I just want to know what is wrong with me and depending on if I am having a certain kind of cysts or not, that will determine if I am fertile or not ... depending on my cycle... that won't cost them anything for a yes or no. I am not going to the ER for them just to tell me if I am fertile or not. I think that I just answered my own question.

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All I'm saying is that ERs are structured for emergencies.  Their diagnostics are limited to the things that stabilize emergency cases, so as either to admit them to the hospital or not.  I hope you get all the information you are after, but you might get incomplete assistance.
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incomplete assistance, that is, given what you want to know.

Good luck in any case.
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