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Sick with Period?

HI, I am a sixteen year old girl, who at the moment is imberassed, and have noticed that for the past several months I get sick during or right around my period. I have extremly painfull cramps, thought I don't know if this is realated.

Help, of any kind?
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No need to feel embarrassed because we're all here to help!  What you're experiencing happens to a lot of woman, including myself.  Before the start of my menstrual cycle, during my menstrual cycle and right after my menstrual cycle I get really sick with nausea, diarrhea and sometimes even cramps as well.  Since there is usually an unbalance in our hormones all kinds of sicknesses can occur.  If you feel like you're getting too sick and can't handle it as well as you'd like to then talk to your mom first then if she can't provide any relief seek additional advice from your OB/GYN.  Best wishes and God bless as well!
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Hello,  my 16 year daughter went throught he same thing. I noticed once school started back up in September that she was staying home 1-2 days every month because she was sick. I realized it was due to her period.  Most woman in my family suffer horrible periods with nausea, diarrhea and bad cramps.  I knew putting her on the pill would help with all these symptoms. She has been on the pill since she was 15 and no longer suffer's.  She is not sexually active and doesn't like anyone to know she takes them. Talk to your mom about it  and see what options she is willing to do for you. Some parents think putting their daughter on the pill is an ok to have sex. This was not our case.

Good luck~
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I know exactly what you mean! I used to get so sick with my period I would either have to go home from school or work because of it. For me it was more then just nausea... and I always had the shakes really bad too. What always worked for me was a really hot bath or even a heating pad, but those are not always convenient options!

My daughter has the same issue now as well so no, you are not alone at all and no need to feel embarrassed about it at all. My daughter finds that Advil works best for her if she can't have the hot bath or heating pad.

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Thank you SOOOO much!  
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