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Skin Tag on Labia

About three months ago Inoticed something that looked exactly like a skin tag on my labia minora maybe a centimeter next to my clitoris.  I had a regular doctors appointment the week after I noticed it so I figured I would wait and ask her.  She told me that you cannot get a skin tag on a mucus membrane and that it had to be genital warts.  I left the office all upset especially being that I am married for almost 5 years.  I came home and started looking genital warts on the internet and all the images and desciptions I saw were NOTHING like what I have.  I have one single 'tag' and now it has been there for about 2 months.  It hasn't grown nor have I gotten anymore.  I now have an appointment to have it removed in about 2 weeks, but before then I thought maybe I could look more into it. Maybe my doctor was wrong.
Is it possible to get a skin tag in that area?  It looks just like the type of skin tags some people sometimes get in their armpits.  It is skin colored, sticks out maybe the thickness of a pen tip.  It doesn't hurt or anything, it's just there, and in a bad place.  Does anyone have any idea?  Thanks
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Hi there Chrissy, I have no answer for you although I thought that I would let you know that I too have the exact same concern as you.  Everything you have explained fits me to a tee as well!  I have been with the same partner for the last seven yrs.  I too looked up genital warts online and have found the images incomparable to what I also call a skin tag.  I would like to know what, where, why and how it has become.  Thanks for sharing and I hope there is an answer for both of us.
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Hello!  I have the exact same thing Chrissy described at the exact same spot & it scared the heck out of me.  I went to a dr.'s appt to have it checked out and she looked at it, poked at it, asked if it hurt or itched (it doesn't at all, in fact, I wouldn't have noticed it except for "routine maintenance" down there).  She said that it's just a skin tag.  I feel a little better about it, but it still freaks me out.  I asked if she could just "freeze" it off, cause in truth, I really don't want it there (who would?!).  Well, she tried but I don't think she was really applying the nitrogen or what ever that cold air is that they use to freeze skin tags off with is called; but anyway, it didn'f fall off like she said it would.  Very disappointing.  There's no change to it, but I'm going to ask her to try again.  Will let you know...
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Hey! I totally know what you're talking about with the skin tags on the labia. I have the same exact problem. My doctor said it was probably just genital warts. But just like you, it looks nothing like it. I stated getting them after I got pregnant the first time with my son. I am freaking out and I don't know what to do to remove them. Someone please help me!
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I had the same thing. In the middle of my pregnancy, I noticed these crazy weird looking things on my labia, all different shapes - some were just protruding cylindrical shaped and one was almost cauliflower-like. They were sensitive to the touch and just plain weird. I freaked out and thought I for sure had cancer, best case scenario - genital warts. Well, my ob/gyn excised them in the delivery room, right after the baby came out. Sent them to pathology and they came back as just regular skin tags. Now my labia is normal but I am terrified that with my next pregnancy, I will get them again.
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Wow, I have the exact same thing.  I've been freaking out that it may be genital warts, but the pictures and descriptions are so far off from what I have.  I'm so glad to hear there is an alternative!  Hopefully we all can get some help.  I've been so uncomfortable about it.  Good luck to all.
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Oh, thank God!  I thought I was the only one.
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I have the same thing except mine has been hurting and have been doing some research. I have found information about Labial Skin Tags...I guess this is normal during or after pregnancy. One article said that if you were torn during childbirth and weren't sutured up properly, that skin tags can be the result. I would have to say to go get a second opinion. Don't question your marriage because of the uncertainty of a doctor. Believe me, I have had quite the experience in matters of broken trust due to a gyn problem. Good luck to you :)
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Wow, I thought I was alone... I'm latin light skin but my privates are darker than the rest of my body.  I have full lips down there, I first notice a bit of pain from wearing tight clothing and then decided to take a good look.
I found this tinny flap of skin at the edge of my labia..I was terrified!!
Ran to the internet and found this page I feel much better...I will talk to a doctor to have it removed.  Thanks for sharing ladies!!!
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Im only 20 and I unlikely have 2! one on either side on the lips, and i feel very uncomfortable going to the doctors, they look like extra patches of skin and dont grown that much if at all, but are sightly bumpy to touch. Should I go and have them looked at even though they cause me No discomfort and arnt sore or itchy?
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Aswell I am 28 weeks pregnant,been with my husband over 6years and I have just noticed last month I have these skin tag looking things which are actually quite big, but do not look anything like the genital warts, nor do i have any of the symptoms of gential warts including a weird discharge but I have been to 2 different doctors one of which is a gynecologist I told him they were just skin tags, and he tried freezing them off told me to go back in 2 weeks, i didnt return due to scheduling, then the other night i went into a walk in clinic and that doctor told me they were genital warts, i dont understand how I would have got them and why the hpv virus wouldnt of come back on any of my pap smears which i do early. I will be talking to the gynecologist again on monday, to see if we can get one cut off and sent in to get analyzed I dont know why everyone tells you something different or why you get pap smears to test for this kind of stuff when they dont look into it. all pap tests check for is any unusual cells in the cervix which are cancer causing, and if your tests come back un normal then they send you in for further testing.  I do believe if you have any kind of growth down there you should go in and get it checked out.
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Wow....I really thought something was wrong with me.  I have had an extremely tiny skin tag down there for a few years. It never grew or bothered me so I didn't really say anything.  I went to the OBGYN yesterday and had a woman doctor and felt comfortable enough to ask.  She almost didn't see and was like "OH that's just a skin tag." I was afraid it was a wart but after looking at pictures there was nothing comparable.  She said that it was so small that she didn't have a tool small enough to get it off.  The doctor say's skin tags are cause by friction of the skin and is very common.  I am so happy to know I wasn't the only one.  I was REALLY worried but not at the same time.  Now I can BREATH!!!!
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I have had the same experience as you all, a skin tag that my GP suggested was a genital wart. It emerged quickly over only two-three months and it grew to become over 1 cm. Luckily the gynecologist at the hospital said it looked nothing like a wart.
I had the skin tag removed from my labia last week by the gynecologist using local anesthesia. Then she cauterized (use high heat) the wound to close it.
I can assure you that the effect of such a procedure is very painful. I can't sit properly, I can't wear any clothing that rubs on to the wound, I can't lie on the side in the bed because the labia is getting 'squeezed'. It swells up during the day and it stings. I feel a little bit sorry for myself and I'm annoyed about not being able to function properly nor going to work.
All I can do is to walk carefully around in my flat like a cowboy, wear a track suit that sags and wait for the test results from the hospital.

Have any of you had a similar medical procedure carried out? What I would like to know is how long does it take before the wound heals?

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