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Skin cancer/Melanoma on my areola? Help

For quite a while now, i'd say about 10 months now, I've had this dark spot/freckle? on the bottom right edge of my areola. it's dark brown. it's not a perfect circle. I've seen it before i go in the shower and stuff but never payed attention to it. I just thought it was normal for some reason. But recently i've been diagnosed with general anxiety disorder. The other day I just thought i had a brain tumor and went to get an MRI done, all normal. So then I decided to figure out what this freckle was on my areola, and all i'm getting is either breast cancer or skin cancer like melanoma. Now i'm freaking out.

But if it was melanoma, wouldn't it have changed in shape and size over these 10 months being left untreated?!
And if it was breast cancer, wouldn't I noticed other severe symptoms like bloody discharge from the nipple?

I had an OB GYN appointment on September of 2014 and she did do a breast exam, she said everything was good. I hope she saw the freckle and considered that as good also.

My freckle is flat, it's a part of my skin and is not raised. it's dark brown. Like really dark brown. My areola on both breasts are dark brown.

I am a 22 year old female who is now on Nexplanon birth control (but i had the freckle before the birth control)
Never been pregnant
I dont know if this information helps but i did get my period at an early age (9 years old and 2 months before my 10th birthday).
My breast where the freckle is at is a little bigger than my other breast, but dont most experience that problem?

I want to go to my health department tomorrow as a walk in but not sure who to see for this just to assure me if this is normal or if it's something to worry about
Do I go to an OB/GYN or regular doctor? or do I get a referral to a dermatologist? I for sure want to see a doctor tomorrow though so for now it's between the OB GYN and a Regular doctor (referrals take about 2 weeks)

Should i be worried or assume it's a regular freckle? and should I request a mammogram? could that show if its skin cancer on the areola?

Can you even get skin cancer on the areola? It's never been exposed to the sun

I have no pain on the location, no discharge, no inverted nipple, nothing. It's just where the location of the freckle is that's freaking me out.

Any input helps, please. My anxiety is convincing me that it's skin cancer
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Skin cancer rarely looks like a freckle hon.  In fact, uneven edges are much more typical.  I would try not to worry.  See your doctor to be sure but am guessing it will be fine.  Good luck

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