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Skin colored painless bumps on genitals

I have about 4 small flesh colored lumps around my pantyline areaand one a little on the inside of my pantyline. They aren't red or anything and when I touch them they have a shape to them but it doesn't really feel like they are filled with anything. They itch and some of them are bigger then the others. When i itched the first one it kinda scabbed, it didnt really have any fluid other then clear. The biggest one is about the size of dime? A little smaller maybe. They don't hurt at all. I've had them for a couple weeks. It started with one and now I noticed 4 more. I don't think it's an STD because it doesn't look like any of the pictures. I also have the hpv vaccinations. I looked up Folliculitis but that didn't look like it either. I have no idea what they are. I'm 21, female, I'm sexualy active but I'm gay and have never been with a male partner.
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Unfortunately, based on what you have said I believe you many have genital herpes. This could be your first outbreak. Most of the time a woman will get an outbreak before a period whether it is genital or a cold sore. Someone with a cold sore who performs oral sex can transmit the herpes virus to the genital area and that is why herpes is one of the most common std's. You should see a gynocologist because some people require a perscription for Valtrex. Good Luck!

The HPV shots only vaccinate against genital warts and prevent tumors related to the virus.  
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They aren't blisters though and they don't look anything like the pictures I've searched of herpes. and the itching isn't just there its on my legs/thighs too. And they seem to be going away now?
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