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Skin near vaginal opening/labia minora looks bumpy

So I’m not sexually active but have tried and I believe I have vaginismus. I have tried to have sex and it was unprotected. I recently grew a wart on my face possibly caused by hpv so now it’s got me thinking more about my health and I’ve always had concerns about my genital health. I’ve been to gynecologist and they’ve looked at my Vagina and I’m sure if they see something wrong they’d say something but I’ve got these tiny bumps on the pink part near my vaginal opening that I’m concerned about... I know the usual answer would be to go to a gynecologist but idk whether or not it’s normal, does anyone else notice this?
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I think that kind of texture when there are no other symptoms is normal.  Why do you think you had an hpv wart on your face?  The doctor looks for issues and will inform you and you report any symptoms when there.  So, it doesn't sound like any obvious things were found to be abnormal and that's good.  It should reassure you.  If you are going to become sexually active, please consider birth control.  Condoms or the pill work well.  good luck
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