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Skin peeling on vagina

There is a thin, pasty layer of skin peeling off my vagina. Is this from having too much intercourse?
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it could be - or if you are using a certain lube or condom, you may be having a reaction to that.  another issue could be the soap you are using - peeling skin is not usually due to anything internal unless it's a yeast infection which includes ichyness, and possible bleeding on the skin - this can be so easily cured though - I would advice taking a look at what you are allowing to come into contact with your skin and one by one try not to use those and see if the situation clears up.  If that doesn't help - it's time for a doctor's visit... but excess friction can cause this if you are really dry - again, like I said if you are having to use a lube, you should definitely try not using it or switching brands - since I once tried one that irritated my skin in much the same way - try water based if you are not already using it - Good luck!
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i have skin peeling from around the side in my vagina it is sencative to tutch but dosen't hurt when i go for a wee is this normal? .. i have had sex with out a condom and i dont no wat to do! im not 100% sure if i can trust him. ive only just relised it hurt and that the skin is peeling what can i do to get ride of it ?
write back please.

thanks x
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Yea I have this also but it is peeling on the top of my vagina near my cliterus. Now that I read these comments I realize I probably don't rinse off my Body Wash good enough in the shower or maybe I'm allergic to my shaving cream, body wash, etc. But you should think about these things, maybe they apply to you.
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i have peeling skin around my vagina, i a sexually active but we always use protection and i have not had done it in about a month. i recently just had my periode and after the first day of wearing a pad i noticed an itchiness down there, now i have probably stopped wearing padds about 4 days ago but my skin is still peeling and a bit itchy. there are also little bumps to, could it be cause i shave down there?
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i had the same problem as chickenwings and whenever my period finishes i use to itch alot... but since i took out my IUD it all changed.. no itching after period, no skin peeling.. everything is normal...
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i am really young 12 exact an itz peelin really ad a thin layer and i dont like it i didnt tell my mom because im scared what does it mean
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Peeling skin on any part of the body is a sign of dry skin or allergic reaction. Think about the last time you wore a pad or pantyliner- was it right before you started peeling down below? It could be that the pad or pantyliner caused too much dryness and your skin is peeling to help itself get better.

Also, think about body wash or shaving cream. Do you itch or break out in hives or a rash on any other part of your body after you use it? It could be that you are allergic to it. If you're not allergic, try using things labeled "for sensitive skin" because your products might be too harsh for your skin.

Hope this helps!
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this is the closest thing i could find to what's just happened to me.
i just wet a cloth with water and rubbed my vagina to clean it up a little (I feel awkward sharing that) anyways...a section of flesh came off. it looks/feels/stretches just like the lips downs there. it's about 1.5 inches long and a little less that and inch wide. I rubbed it again and another piece came off... it was a little bit smaller but still the same thing....idk why it happened or what it means....i didn't feel it and it doesn't hurt, but i'm just kinda freaked out by this....
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some of my vagina hair came out.. my skin will just peel off alot. at the top of my vagina.. u cant really tell just by looking at it but if i touch it i can feel the bald spot.. its been like ten months ago and my hair still havent grew back
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i have had the same problem. i was so nervous i thought it was a std or something ya know. but i went to the doc and everything checked out ok. she said it just seemed to be very dry down there and to try to figure out what could be causing it. i narrowed it down to two different causes. 1 tight *** pants and non cotton underwear seem to trigger it and 2 the razor i was using to shave was a mens razor and the gel strip on it was a serious irritant. hope this helps somebody bc i know that **** really weirded me out at first lol
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My vagina is really itchy and dry and it is peeling. i am not sexually active but i do masterbate and advie fo what i sould do to help it get better? how can i get the moisture back?
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Gosh and I thought I was the only woman with this problem.. I think the answers relating to "bodywash" etc might be accurate.  Probably best to use a solution of warm water and olive oil to help the skin back to normal and then use either a highly sensitive body wash or plain water and non-biological washing powders and reduce the use of fabric conditioners and dryer towels and see how you get on.  Also, reduce intake of caffeine, that can have an adverse affect as most itchiness is caused by the nervous system; and caffeine can be a trigger..

So, plenty of plain foods, water, reduce salt and sugar intake and that should help.

It helped me..
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