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Skipping Cycles

Ive been on Yaz for about 4-5 years now, and since last year, i have been starting an issue with skipping cycles. I have not been very sexually active, or at all really, so i do not know what the issue is. Back in May, i had a 3 week cycle, after that i did not have one until August. It was a regular cycle. I am due for another one, and i have yet to start, so i am afraid i am going to go another round of a skipped cycle.
I talked to my doctor about it the last visit, and she said that it is normal for women to skip periods once in a while.
My fear is that, i started at such a young age, 8, that maybe i may end up with early menopause.
I have female problems that run in my family. For instance, miscarriages, cysts, endometriosis, malfuntioning thyroids. hysterectomies. There are some other issues, but i cant think of them right now.
any one have any thoughts? Same issue?
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